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Do you sometimes feel like your world is too small? Do you seek some adventure? Do you dream about visiting other places and get to know other civilizations and feel like a part of something bigger? Take a journey with us!
We can guarantee great fun, learning, and amazing experiences!
We organize trips around Poland and other countries, e.g. Malta (Gozo), Egypt, Mexico, Croatia, Italy ... and many others. We analyze the visited places in terms of history, anthropology, landscape, and (for me the most interesting part) the underwater world. We travel with advanced divers and we fulfill the dreams of those who have not had the opportunity to see all those wonderful things of the underwater world.
We train in all levels of recreational diving - PADI.

We also invite you to our meetings, during which we share with you our experience by presenting photos or video shows from the trip. We discuss various aspects of life, historical and geographical conditions of various countries (including Poland).
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Piotrkowska nocą

A country like no other

If you've ever been told about vampires, demons, faeries or imps, it's all true. These and many other stories made our country. You will find a secret at every turn.

comino diving

Rural, idyllic and warm

Geologically, Gozo is part of Africa. For centuries, the islands have been the object of interest to many important civilizations: Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs but also Vandals and Pomeranians. A real "cultural mix".

Baiae Italy

Underwater Mystery

A historic settlement from the time of the Roman Empire, one can only imagine the splendor and beauty of the ancient city, where even street layouts have been preserved to this day. It is not surprising then that this place was often chosen by patricians and Roman emperors (including Caesar) for ... recreation :)

Today, an underwater museum.


A country with many faces.

Every year, in Mexico, countless regional celebrations are held alongside official church and state holidays (known as dias festivos). At the same time, you can experience the most beautiful dives in the world, in cenotes (caves). Mexico is a country of contrasts.


The fairy-tale world of desert and sea.

Desert, mountains, Bedouin restaurants on the shores of the Red Sea, pyramids and diving - can you dream of a better vacation?

hull anglia

Until recently - the direction of many Poles

Curiosities, facts, interviews, or what we should know before leaving.

We visit cities, seas and mountains.

And as always - we dive!

butrint albania

Chasing the sun

Tired of the weather and the pandemic situation, we decided to set off on a journey to the south of Europe. We decided to drive a car with a caravan through the Balkan countries and Albania to Greece.

Escape from winter and viruses.

Image by Hibiki Hosoi

Rummu - underwater prison

In the far north-east of Europe, you can see an abandoned prison, partially flooded. A relic of the former glory of the USSR is today a tourist attraction, especially for divers.

Teneryfa nurkowanie

The island of eternal spring

The largest of the Canary Islands. Although formally part of Spain, it lies in the Atlantic Ocean. There are four different types of landscape and climatic zones. The center of the island is dominated by El Teide - the highest volcano in Europe and also the highest peak in Spain. On the island you can find unique volcanic caves, dive into the ocean or climb in the gorges of the mountain. A small island but lots of possibilities.