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BAIAE - Underwater Mystery.

The impenetrable waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea (and the entire Mediterranean Sea in general) hide many secrets.

Near Naples, close to Pozzuoli, a luxury town was once built. They were called Baiae. Favorite place of "rest" of Caesar and many eminent Roman families. Wine, art and carnal pleasures shone in the evening feasts. During the day, people were resting on beautiful beaches, relaxing in local baths and thermal springs. The highest standards and full discretion. The rule was "what happens in Bajae stays in Bajae". Maybe that is why Nero murdered his mother Agrippina or the heirs of the Pisoni family (only because he liked their villa.

The city is located on the so-called The fields of Flegre, near Naples, and more precisely in a volcanic crater from before 10 thousand. years. It is a very seismically active area. There have been earthquakes there for millennia. The area is also known for a phenomenon known as bradisismo - the regular lowering or rising of the ground as a result of filling or emptying volcanic chambers below the ground. It is a relatively quick process on a geological scale, but it is also noticeable by humans. It was because of such a collapse that a large part of Baiae sank. The first signs of gradual flooding of the city were observed as early as the 4th century BC. With time it was only worse.

One can only imagine the splendor and beauty of the ancient city, where even the street layouts have been preserved to this day. Beautiful villas, gardens, antique mosaics, columns and whole statues can only be admired today ... by diving. The shallow depths and protection of the bay make it possible, even for divers with basic training, to admire the underwater world of the ancient Romans.

The city, once inhabited by several thousand people, is named after the burial place of Bajos, a friend of Odysseus. Plato already mentioned, in his notes, about a mythical, sunken, ancient land.

As you can see, there is a grain of truth in every legend. :)