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Łódź - the city of magic ...

Łódź is the city where I live and one of the most interesting cities in Poland. Therefore, today I would like to tell you something about him.

Maybe let's go back to the beginning, let's go back to the birth of Łódź.


Nobody knows exactly about the date of the foundation of Łódź, the first half of the 12th century is assumed.

In 1332, the first information about the village of Lodz on the borders of Łęczyca in the possession of the princes of Łęczyca appears. After the village was handed over to the Bishops of Kujawy, Lodza was an insignificant town with 44 households. In 1414, efforts were made to grant the village municipal rights. From the granting of King Władysław Jagiełło on July 29, 1423, Lodz obtained city rights and the right to organize fairs.

For many years, trade in handicrafts and agricultural produce as well as good conditions for breeding domestic animals attracted new inhabitants, reaching 1,000 citizens.

Thanks to trade, we got economic development and from then on everything started to flourish.

Everything was going well until ...


The dark period has begun for Lodza. The city was haunted by fires and epidemics.

The hostilities related to the Swedish Deluge caused the city to fall and the population was reduced from 1,000 to just 200.

In 1793, Lodza was under Prussian rule, and in 1794 it was degraded to the rank of a village due to the small number of inhabitants, only 250.

Thanks to the legions of General Dąbrowski, Łódź was saved from losing its city rights.

The nineteenth century is the period of the revival of Łódź. In 1820 there were 700 inhabitants and it was considered a factory town. In 1823 the longest street was named Piotrkowska. It was then 4 km long and crossed the market square and the city center. To this day, Piotrkowska Street is one of the longest streets in the world, one of the most important places for Łódź residents and one of the most beautiful in the city.


Łódź is beautiful and interesting, and most importantly, magical to this day ...


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