Sunken excavators

Jaworzno – Szczakowa - "Excavators" (Excavators Quarry in Jaworzno).

I recommend this place to everyone who is passionate about diving. Poland has several such Quarries.

The reservoir is located on the site of the former "Gródek" quarry in Szczakowa, one of the districts of Jaworzno, in the Silesia Province. Dolomite was mined there for Zakłady Dolomitowe "Szczakowa" (formerly: the Szczakowa Cement Plant). In 1997, when the plant that was put into liquidation was unable to pay its liabilities, the power company suspended electricity supplies. Due to the stoppage of the pumps, all deeper parts of the quarry were flooded with water within several dozen hours.

On the shore, a year-round diving base was created and the infrastructure was expanded, such as shelters and piers.

In the immediate vicinity of the Excavator reservoir, in the further part of the former quarry, the city authorities created the "Gródek" park, which includes, among others, steep quarry walls and the Wydra pond

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