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Retkiński Bully

Budowa na Falistej
Budowa na Falistej

Bulling is a socio-psychological problem that has existed in the world for a long time. To this day, in Poland, intimidation and harassment is part of upbringing in many families, "it shapes character".
Fortunately, in the 21st century, awareness of one's rights has grown significantly in society. Still, we meet people in our environment who think that they are above all laws and responsibilities. Unfortunately, the so-called "crony" is still the basis of functioning in this country.

Isn't what is happening on Falista Street a perfect example of such behavior? In 2017, the City of Lodz Office issued a zoning decision for a developer on a plot bordering ours. The developer has started construction of 2 blocks right next to us. At the outset, the border between us was almost completely removed, thanks to which they can use our plot as a landfill.
To this day, the principle is preached in Poland that in order to build something, you have to destroy something. I didn't think it also applied to humans. I understand that the so-called good "development" of Retkinia was a priority for the city, but do the residents have the right to vote? We certainly don't.

Notifying the services does not matter, because they do not react anyway. The Poviat Building Supervision Inspector rejected 3 written notifications because, as he claims, there are no grounds for carrying out an inspection. Even the lack of a fence between the neighbor and the construction site is not a sufficient reason.

In addition, we learned that we have to give the developer a piece of our plot (it seems that the owner bordering the construction site on the other side is also losing a piece of land). After a month, the geodesy department , to which we submitted the application for demarcation, sent us a letter about "supplementing the formal deficiencies", ie specifying what we really wanted to separate. It is not enough, apparently, to write that it is a COMMON border between plots with numbers ... etc. You have to write the same again and confirm that we have not changed our mind. Meanwhile, the developer sends us paid teams of subsequent surveyors who tell us that we don't know anything and we have to take their word for it (too much religion in this country). They stated that during the last national measurements we had moved our cut-off point and had forgotten to notify the owners. Of course, this is important now, because the developer probably lacked a few centimeters for parking lots. This is just our speculation. Ultimately, we applied for the demarcation of plots, so everyone who buys an apartment on ul. The corrugated one (next to us) becomes a party in a court case (it's worth remembering).
The police are investigating various offenses committed by both the developer and the workers he hires.

Below I present a few examples of paragraphs that were broken in our opinion and photo evidence. I leave it for self-assessment. Basically, the interpretation of the law in this country is quite arbitrary.

Art. 144. Destruction of vegetation, Journal of Laws 2019.0.821, i.e. - Act of May 20, 1971 - Code of Offenses
§ 1. Whoever in areas intended for public use destroys or damages vegetation or allows the destruction of vegetation by animals under his supervision or in areas designated for public use, tramples the lawn or greenery in places other than those designated for recreation by the competent administrator ,
shall be liable to a fine of up to PLN 1,000 or to a reprimand.
§ 2. Whoever removes, destroys or damages trees or shrubs constituting roadside or protective trees or a roadside hedge,
shall be punishable by detention, restriction of liberty or a fine.
§ 3. In the event of committing the offense specified in § 1 or 2, an exemption may be ordered up to the amount of PLN 500.

Photo: damaged vegetation on our plot, nails stuck in the trees.

Art. 193 of the Criminal Code. Disturbance of the home life.

"Whoever breaks into someone else's house, flat, premises, room or fenced area or does not leave such place against the request of the entitled person, shall be subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year."

Photo: removed old fence and use of our plot for material storage and as a garbage can.

Art. 144. of the Civil Code. Forbidding the owner of immission

The owner of real estate should, when exercising his right, refrain from actions that would interfere with the use of neighboring real estate above the average level, resulting from the socio-economic destination of the real estate and local relations.

Photo: Heavy equipment work under our windows, night crews of workers and garbage regularly thrown at us.

Art. 51. KW Disturbing the peace or causing scandal

§ 1. Anyone who disturbs peace, public order, rest at night or causes scandal in a public place with a shout, noise, alarm or other prank,
shall be punishable by detention, restriction of liberty or a fine.
§ 2. If the act specified in § 1 is hooligan or the perpetrator is committing it while under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or another similarly acting substance or measure,
shall be punishable by detention, restriction of liberty or a fine.
§ 3. Incitement and aiding and abetting are punishable by law.

Photo: Disturbance and rudeness.

In conclusion, I would like to mention our constitution, which is the supreme law in our WONDERFUL country of "law and justice":

Art. 30. The principle of protection of human dignity
The inherent and inalienable dignity of human beings is the source of human and civil freedom and rights. It is inviolable and its respect and protection is the responsibility of the PUBLIC AUTHORITIES.

I have a question for our authorities in this regard.

Is the only thing that "Szarak" in Poland can do is to quote our most famous politician and say to the developer: "Fuck your grandfather"?